First and foremost, I am an artist. Specifically I am an artist with the goal of creating compelling visual narrative. I record the real and surreal with aesthetic understanding and classical knowledge of my chosen fields.

Rough translation: My mission is to make the world a more beautiful place.

My formal training started at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau Missouri. Informally, I’ve been drawing since I have been able to pick up a pencil. I’m fairly certain that I was sketching superheroes before I learned to write. At Southeast I picked up animation and sated a thirst for photography with a few side jobs.

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Oh, and a special thanks goes to Jason Stoff for the rather awesome logo. Likewise, thanks goes to the fine people behind Subtle Patterns for the background texture.

WIP-David Willis’s Head Alien

palacy | 2-21-15

My daily routine is pretty straight forward: Wake up, head to work, “make dat doe,” head home, work on photography/illustration/animation, play too little of a video game/watch too much television, read a few web comics, fall asleep. Okay, maybe my routine is just as involved as anyone’s. Regardless, the second to last step is the […]

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Photoset: The 2013 Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball

palacy | 5-23-13

A few months ago I got the opportunity to cover the 11th annual Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball. Held in St. Louis City Hall, the event featured a VIP reception parade, live music, Cajun food, and one big party. It was an honor to cover the event for Saint Louis Magazine. Attending functions like this definitely […]

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WIP: Nuru Sigil

palacy | 5-10-13

Okay, so I had an idea for a project; more of a project in another project actually. A meta project? …moving on. I want to create a line of products based off of characters from my animations. Aside from use as Easter-eggs, the products would connect one character’s universe to another. Speaking of which, allow […]

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Out of the Shadows…

palacy | 5-03-13

…comes a new deepblueink.net! (2.0 for those of you keeping track… Are we still using software version numbers for web development?) By now you know the drill; feel free to explore. If you catch any bugs, tell me so that I can get everything running as smoothly as possible. Likewise, if you have any questions […]

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