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I draw; in fact, I draw a lot. At times this is done via pen, oil and acrylic paints, photographic processes, and watercolors. Other times, the task is completed with through Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Blender, and ZBrush.

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Confession time: I really wanted to avoid pedestrian phrasing such as “this is where I’ll put illustration related posts.” But to be honest, this is where I will be putting illustration related posts. Winning, it seems, is hard to do.

See the posts below for specific projects. Likewise, you’ll find my thoughts and the word around the web. (Presumably it will be relevant, but we are talking about the internet. I make no promises.) Happy clicking.

WIP-David Willis’s Head Alien

palacy | 2-21-15

My daily routine is pretty straight forward: Wake up, head to work, “make dat doe,” head home, work on photography/illustration/animation, play too little of a video game/watch too much television, read a few web comics, fall asleep. Okay, maybe my routine is just as involved as anyone’s. Regardless, the second to last step is the […]

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Out of the Shadows…

palacy | 5-03-13

…comes a new! (2.0 for those of you keeping track… Are we still using software version numbers for web development?) By now you know the drill; feel free to explore. If you catch any bugs, tell me so that I can get everything running as smoothly as possible. Likewise, if you have any questions […]

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