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WIP: Nuru Sigil

palacy | 5-10-13

Okay, so I had an idea for a project; more of a project in another project actually. A meta project? …moving on. I want to create a line of products based off of characters from my animations. Aside from use as Easter-eggs, the products would connect one character’s universe to another. Speaking of which, allow me to present Alya Nuru.

  • nuru_sigil-5

Without going into specifics, Alya is designed as an archetypical African female who is the main character of an Arthurian style legend. Actually that was terrifyingly specific, (and nerdy) but hopefully that’s enough to start off with. Alya’s adventure plays on light and dark motifs. So it only makes sense to create a product that subtlety conjures a dualistic theme.


Nuru Sigil is a fictional African Pinot Noir based off of Alya’s character. Nuru, is either a rare Swahili girl’s name that means “light,” or a boy’s name meaning “born at night.” It can also refer to an erotic Japanese massage. I’ll let you look that one up on your own. Sigil of course refers to a symbol or emblem. The symbol displayed on the bottles of Nuru Sigil hold no meaning, but I expect that a viewer will assign their own meaning.

  • nuru_sigil-1
  • nuru_sigil-2

The bottles, glasses, and table were all created with Blender 3D. The textures were designed in Photoshop.


It has been a fun project to play with so far. I look forward to my next iteration. Perhaps something more malty?